New Year! Champagne and fireworks… what’s next?!

It is now Wednesday, January 10th 2018.

Did you already give up New Year’s (fitness) resolutions?

Yes? That’s great.

Perhaps it makes space for something more sane…


Personally I do not believe in big changes happening because of January 1st.

Especially if they concern the fitness field.

Do you buy the hype around fitness new year’s goals… and fitness goals overall?

Me neither.

There are people who like sweat and people who do not feel any physical pleasure coming from physical tortures.

And that’s fine to not to be gym-maniac.

I used to be a martial art competitor, training six times a week and I personally enjoy the endorphin coming from the movement and lactic acid build-up.

Even though sometimes I do not want to train or I do not care and skip a session and the world still exists.

Why? Because we -mortals- train to win in life not in the sport competition.

Make the physical training work for your life instead making your life a slave of “exercising”.

By the way training is not about exercises but that is another story.

Let’s continue.

At least for part of the population it seems there are many more important and pleasurable things in life other than fitness goals.

Doesn’t it sound like marketing slogan by the way – fitness goals?

But you know what – the hint is that if you want to do all the more important (career, family, mortgage, other responsibilities) and pleasurable (sport, fun, sex, hobby) things in life you need a strong, efficient, and sometimes looking-good-naked body. The body which will become a machine to support you physically and mentally, instead of being one more problem in your life.

And the truth is – you can not buy it. Silicone muscle implants do not count because they do not work. They only bare your weakness. Who came out with the idea of fake muscles?! People who know that they can gain from other people’ laziness and weakness probably.

You, like it or not, we – humans – belong under the physiological rules. And there is one way to make your body work for you instead of against you.

Earn it.

Earn the strong body and the strong psyche.

Yes you can hire a coach to show you the way but you have to walk the Way by yourself. Every single day, every single time you pass your favourite shitty fast food.

And this is the problem with New Year’s resolutions. One year long resolution.

Are you joking me? We are human beings. One hour of not eating sugar or smoking a cigarette sound like eternity. One year … yeah, sure.

Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions? Me neither.

What about something shorter? Two weeks? Then let’s see.

In my analytic, rational, scientific and sceptic mind there is no place for pink fitness slogans about New Year’s resolutions. Most of my students are too realistic people to buy this kind of fairy tales. But we all believe in a few things – hard work, results and fun.

There are no results without hard work.

If there are no results, change what you are doing. Do not waste your time.

There is no results without fun. If you do not like what you do, you will not get the results.

So simple.

Coming back to resolutions.

In the last few years there has been a huge hype about being ambitious, being better, constant self-development.

Do not be surprised right now but in my opinion it is over advertised.

Though I am always curious.

In this way I have decided to create another experiment in my life and just “be better”.

What does it mean (oh yeah – the world misses the definitions so often)?

To me right now it means I will try to change some things in my life and will tell you my experience about that. I have already started

Time –  one quarter of the year.

You can join me and start with one week commitment only.

Try to change whatever in your life.

Get out of the bed with the other foot.

Avoid sugar or alcohol.


Eat before 6pm.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Be sceptic as f**k about it so there is no place for the placebo effect

If you are suspicious about any hype we are the perfect fit.

If you need a support group you can leave me a comment. The more of us will be here the more fun the challenges will be. Make a commitment and share your success/fail (both means experience) after the given period of time.

Guideline number two – have fun. Enjoy every single moment of pain or glory.

Laugh at it.

Keep it simple. Keep it light and noncommittal but stick to it. Do not stop. Observe yourself.

Your reptilian part of mind (the brain) will freak out because you are leaving your comfort zone. This reptile does not like any changes. It prefers to be as it is to be so-so instead of risking any change. Play with that.

My simple “quarter of the year” goals


Take a cold shower every-single-day


Breathe deeply 30 times in the morning. Do not think about anything ( I am too old-school to call it meditation)


Build even better consistency with the training routine.


Keep building the consistency with avoiding sugar (although I almost don’t eat sugar anyway (what took me years) but it is worth to keep this goal in mind because without solid a decision you never know when you finish with a donut in your mouth).


Push your mind on how does it perceive reality. This point is strictly psychological and too personal and too boring to explain it. Still it is about taming the reptile living in the head.

Five points is still a lot but I am already implementing them into my life and working on them continuously so it is easier to me.

You can start with one goal/change/commitment.

What will it be?

Ok no more talking.

Time to take some actions.

Ready? Steady? Go?..!!!

See you at the gym.

Coach Lucy

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