Coach Lucy PhD

PhD in Exercise Science

+ 25 years experience in the sport and fitness industry

+ 20.000 hours of coaching experience

Science-backed methodology, custom-made solutions, lasting results, fun program design, performance analysis, nutrition education, motivation.


PhD in the Exercise Science, at the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow, Poland, Dissertation title:

Effects of experimental training with external resistance in the form of kettlebells on body composition, physiological characteristics and motor skills in women“.

MSc on the Faculty of Exercise Physiology, at the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow, Poland, with the specialization in Psychosomatics. Master thesis title:

Creatine supplementation in sport and medicine” (pl)

Certified Personal Trainer at National Academy of Sports & Medicine NASM

Coaching experience

25+ years experience in sport and fitness: strength & performance training, martial arts – muay thai, brazilian jujitsu, submission wrestling, kickboxing, CrossFit, mobility, yoga, calisthenics, downhill skiing

20+ years experience in coaching: CoachLucyPhd, Studeo55 Vancouver, Klub Athletik Montreal, CrossFit Stocznia Gdansk, CFKrakow Cracow,, Fischer Skiing Academy.

Sport Coach – leading power sports’ athletes to their peak performance, program design and recovery protocols, mental game

Fitness Coach – health training, pre-rehab, post rehabilitation, injury prevention, mobility, weight loss, hypertrophy, strength & conditioning

Competitive experience

Two times national Polish Brazilian Jujitsu Champion – BJJ,

15 years martial arts experience: kick-boxing, muay-thai, brazilian jujitsu, submission wrestling, karate, kung fu