Fasting & Ketosis. Nobel Prize.

What a coincidence. October 3rd I have finished my 12 days fast. I really believe that beeing in control over your body desires’ is beneficial the same way as health benefits of fasting, ketogenic diet and avoidance of any excess. That all goes in the package. I am on my way to discovering 21 day…Read more Fasting & Ketosis. Nobel Prize.


Every 3-hour meals are not healthy

Who the he'll figured out every 3-hours meal? 5-6 meals a day? Come on! We were not supposed live to eat. About 2 meals a day is enough (I know it is hard to believe when we snack all day) and I rely here on medical knowledge. It is good for bodybuilders to eat consistently to keep anabolic…Read more Every 3-hour meals are not healthy