Why you can not bake a bread?

Who told you this?! You probably think "it is difficult task"... "Mastering how to make a dough is an art"...  Not true. Bread DIY. If I can do it anyone can do it and I love simple, not time-consuming home cooking. Baking goes from the first time.Just follow good recipes (always read the opinion and review…Read more Why you can not bake a bread?


Real food and less chemistry at HOME

How to manage it? Taking an advantage of my move to Vancouver let me bring you closer to the title issue. No matter if you are moving to a new place or want to create new habits in your old place here are few simplest ever steps to start with. It means if I can…Read more Real food and less chemistry at HOME

Fasting & Ketosis. Nobel Prize.

What a coincidence. October 3rd I have finished my 12 days fast. I really believe that beeing in control over your body desires’ is beneficial the same way as health benefits of fasting, ketogenic diet and avoidance of any excess. That all goes in the package. I am on my way to discovering 21 day…Read more Fasting & Ketosis. Nobel Prize.

Let’s talk about training basis

Short introduction for newbies and athletes oriented on fast progress Just give up with all those protesting thoughts and lizard instincts inside your head and accept it.   Here are the rules   The better the basis the faster the progress.   The focus is 1st. Be inside the action while exercising. Connect to your…Read more Let’s talk about training basis

Every 3-hour meals are not healthy

Who the he'll figured out every 3-hours meal? 5-6 meals a day? Come on! We were not supposed live to eat. About 2 meals a day is enough (I know it is hard to believe when we snack all day) and I rely here on medical knowledge. It is good for bodybuilders to eat consistently to keep anabolic…Read more Every 3-hour meals are not healthy

CrossFit pull-ups name debate

CrossFit do something about it!  PULL-UP name for kipping and butterfly movements was not the smartest  choice in my opinion. It provokes quarrels coming out of “old school” strength training guys and they are right! Pull-up movement incorporates lats and whole shoulder girdle pure strength work. Kipping and butterfly movements should be for example named…Read more CrossFit pull-ups name debate

My story (updated)

Let me introduce myself to you. Making long story short my childhood was like from the novels of Mark Twain, full of play and outdoor activities. I also have started skiing at age 6 and martial arts at age 11, winning later twice national championship in Brazilian JuJitsu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQFzsvx3QYg   In 2009 I have started my 1st…Read more My story (updated)