call/text: 604-652-7150, email:

Created  for those who care about health and shape, for those seeking individual fitness resolution, and for those who want to be more than a serial number at the gym.

I specialize in health training and high performance physical training (fitness for business and lifestyle optimization; strategy focused on health and fitness enhancement to ensure high intellectual and physical performance for everyday efficiency).

I know it may be difficult to make a first step. No worries. Besides being a fitness professional, I am a human as you are; sharing same needs and facing same challenges; understanding different background, motivation and obstacles. Shoot me a message and tell me about your fitness and health goals. Let’s discuss your needs and see how I can help you. I will be happy to share my experience and advise on the best fitness resolution for you.

All Personal Training packages include:

personal training. nutritional education. lifestyle coaching.

Operation areas:

Affiliate gym: Executive Lifestyles Gym at 555 W 8th ave

In home (limited availability): False Creek and Olympic Village area, Downtown – City Centre.


Introductory session. No fee.

Monthly packages*.

3 x week. 12 sessions: 1st package – $935**; Continuation*** – $899

2 x week. 8 sessions: 1st package – $685; Continuation – $659

1 x week. 4 sessions: 1st package – $415; Continuation – $399.

In home workouts (limited availability) : + $20 per session.

*each package is valid for five weeks (not including business trips, sickness or vacation) ** plus tax. ***applies if renewal settled before the previous package expires. Invoicing via Square system – credit card payments available in the system. For session rescheduling 24h cancellation policy applies.

Strength & Conditioning collaboration and programs for martial arts athletes are available. Email me about the details.

Gift Certificates available

Gift Certificate

Please shoot me a message if you have any questions. I am here to help. call/text: 604-652-7150, email:

Download: Personal training waiver

Contact form

2 Replies to “Offer”

    1. Hi Jess, sorry I haven’t seen your message. Hope you are doing great!
      I work with my students at the affiliate gyms (one in DT, one in Cambie Village) and in the apartment buildings’ gyms.
      Hope my answer helped.
      Do you have any fitness goals you need a help with reaching? We can meetup one day and chat about it. Have a great day. Lucy


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