Coach Lucy PhD and a team brand Synergy Fitness

We specialize in a health training, high performance fitness and mind & body lifestyle changes. Contact us to register for your free consultation where we can discuss your needs and give you feedback about an optimal fitness strategy for you

What we do

High performance is a fitness strategy focused on physical and mental improvement, by using natural and science-backed methods, in order to enhance intellectual and physical performance for everyday efficiency in your professional and private life.

High performance fitness has been created  for those who care about health and shape, for those seeking individual fitness resolution, and for those who want to be more than a serial number at the gym.

Operation areas: Affiliated PT studio in the False Creek/Olympic Village area (gym fees included in the package price). Address: 672 Leg in Boot Square, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4B4

Personal Training is available with The Team Trainers. Learn more on the Synergy Fitness

As The Synergy Fitness Team we strive to represent the highest standards in our profession. We take your goals and fitness needs seriously. Fun, play and friendly environment is what defines us as a family. Come say hi. Book your free consultation to start here:

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Introductory Session – free of charge! Sign up now.

3 x week Membership

12 sessions, 3 x week: $960+ applicable tax monthly.

4-7 x week Membership

up to 5% savings per session as compared to the 12 session package

2 x week Membership

8 sessions, 2 x week: $690+ applicable tax monthly.

1 x week Membership

4 sessions, 1 x week: $380+ applicable tax monthly.

Drop-Ins – “SPA MVM Treatment”

10: $1105 + applicable tax.

5: $575 + applicable tax.

*Subscription details: Each package is available as renewable monthly Membership. Minimum commitment is 3 months. Each package is valid for 4 weeks (28 days). Drop-Ins are valid for one year from a date of purchase. Cancellation is accepted before ending the current subscription. For session rescheduling 24 hours cancellation policy applies and will be respected.

By purchasing any Coach Lucy PhD/Synergy Fitness service or product you agree to the Terms and Conditions

Are you interested in learning, how we could help with your fitness goals? We are here for you to advise about best fitness strategy to help you accomplish desired goals. Fitness is a holistic process. Movement, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle equally contribute to your results.

Please book a free consultation if you have any questions. We are here to help.

2 Replies to “Offer”

    1. Hi Jess, sorry I haven’t seen your message. Hope you are doing great!
      I work with my students at the affiliate gyms (one in DT, one in Cambie Village) and in the apartment buildings’ gyms.
      Hope my answer helped.
      Do you have any fitness goals you need a help with reaching? We can meetup one day and chat about it. Have a great day. Lucy


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