Lucyna Kiszczak Ph.D, Coach & Entreprenuar

Lucyna Kiszczak - Ph.D. Coach & Entrepreneur

Motto: “Respect the Movement – Respect The People”

PhD in physical culture,  at the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow, Poland, CrossFit and kettlebells training programming specialization, with the dissertation title:

Effects of experimental training with external resistance in the form of kettlebells on body composition, physiological characteristics and motor skills in women“.

MSc on the Faculty of Exercise Physiology, at the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow, Poland, with the specialization in Psychosomatics. Master thesis title:

Creatine supplementation (differents types of creatine in sport and medicine)”.

Two times national Brazilian Jujitsu Champion,

15 years martial arts experience (kung-fu, karate, kick-boxing, muay-thai, brazilian jujitsu)


Coach in general and specialized physical preparedness

Lifestyle Coach – training, nutrition, motivation

CrossFit Trainer; Strength Training, Skiing, Self-defense Trainer

CrossFit Boxes Co-founder in Poland



2016 – 2014

  • CrossFit Stocznia – Strength & Conditioning Fitness Club, Gdańsk,

Co-owner & Head Coach


2015 ­- 2013

  • CFKraków – Strength & Conditioning Fitness Club, Cracow, Co-founder, Instructor


2015 – 2009

  • Owner – Sport & Fitness Training

CrossFit events & promotion



  • Reebok CrossFit Dropbox Trainer
  • Reebok CrossFit Fitness Championship Judge
  • Quicksilver  & Roxy – summer fitness events Trainer
  • 1212 Entertainment California West Hollywood Agency- actors Trainer
  • Google Polska, Cracow, Trainer



  • first polish CrossFit Trainer


2010 – 2003

  • Snowsense Ski School Trainer
  • SkiSurf Ski School Trainer (Budimex, Orange)


2004 – 2003

  • Military-Survival Club “Ranger” – incentive event Trainer



In my work I focus on observing body movement to program general physical preparedness. I treat movement as a remedy using different training combination to reach athletes and regular people goals and target weak links to make their body work in harmony and/or leading them straight to their sport/health goals efficiently and safely.

I adore the beauty of the movement and mental strength of athletes. All together it gives you a phenomenon that transcends mediocrity and hits the most vulnerable parts of the human soul.

I believe that by working in motion a man enters a higher level of development.


I use different sport disciplines, training schools, types of movement, health training strategies and physiotherapy to reach the goals:

➢    general physical preparedness,

➢    targeting weak points,

➢    specialized training for different sports disciplines

➢    reconditioning and recovery after injuries and disabilities.

➢    finding the proper path of movement with full range of motion

➢   finding lifestyle, dieting and motivation weak points and change it for overall athlete’s body & mind condition.


Interests and hobby:

male and female gymnastics; yoga, freestyle sports, psychosomatics, physiotherapy, science.


Articles: [Pl];


podcasts: [Pl]

  • Grupa Początkująca [Pl]

  • Barbell Kitchen [Pl]




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