Coach Lucy Kiszczak Ph.D.

Lucyna Kiszczak - Ph.D. Coach & Entrepreneur

Motto: “Respect the Movement – Respect The People”


PhD in physical culture,  at the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow, Poland, Dissertation title:

Effects of experimental training with external resistance in the form of kettlebells on body composition, physiological characteristics and motor skills in women“.

Publication of the article based on the dissertation:



MSc on the Faculty of Exercise Physiology, at the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow, Poland, with the specialization in Psychosomatics. Master thesis title:

Creatine supplementation (differents types of creatine in sport and medicine)”.



National Academy of Sports & Medicicne (NASM) certified Personal Trainer


Competitive experience

Two times national Brazilian Jujitsu Champion – BJJ,

15 years martial arts experience (kick-boxing, muay-thai, brazilian jujitsu)


Coaching experience

Strength & Conditioning Coach – general physical preparation, post rehabilitation, mobility, weight loss, athletic preparation, health training

Lifestyle Coach – life balance, nutritional education, motivation

Currently: proudly coaching at Studeo55, Vancouver, BC, Canada







2016 – currently

training expert for OceanicPharmaceutics – cosmetic brand



2017 – 2016

Coach at Klub Athletik, Montreal and Kalev Fitness Studio, Vancouver, Canada.


2016 – 2014

Head Coach of CrossFit Stocznia – Strength & Conditioning Fitness Club, Gdańsk, Poland


2015 – 2009

Personal Trainer at – Sport & Fitness,  Cross-Training


2003 – 2012

  • Reebok CrossFit Dropbox Trainer
  • Reebok CrossFit Fitness Championship Judge
  • Quicksilver  & Roxy – summer fitness events Trainer
  • Military-Survival Club “Ranger” – incentive event Trainer
  • 1212 Entertainment California West Hollywood Agency- actors Trainer
  • Google Polska, Cracow, Trainer
  • first polish CrossFit Trainer (2001) together with my friend Maciej Szczudrawa
  • SkiSurf Ski School Trainer 


Entrepreneurial experience

2014 – currently

Co-owner and online consultant of CrossFit Stocznia, Gdansk, Poland

2015 – 2012

Consultant at Dare – fitness equipment manufacturer



Consultant at CrossFit Avanport, Gdynia, Poland


2015 ­- 2013

Co-owner at CFKraków – Strength & Conditioning Fitness Club, Cracow, Poland

2015 – 2009

Owner of (“youtraining”) in Cracow, Poland



I use different sport disciplines, training schools, types of movement, health training strategies and physiotherapy to reach the goals:

➢    general physical preparedness,

➢    targeting weak points,

➢    specialised training for different sports disciplines

➢    reconditioning and recovery after injuries and disabilities.

➢    finding the proper path of movement with full range of motion

➢   finding lifestyle, dieting and motivation weak points and change it for overall athlete’s body & mind condition.

I focus on observing body movement to program general physical preparedness. I treat movement as a remedy using different training combination to reach athletes and regular people goals and target weak links to make their body work in harmony and/or leading them straight to their sport/health goals efficiently and safely.

I adore the beauty of the movement and mental strength of the athletes. All together it gives you a phenomenon that transcends mediocrity and hits the most vulnerable parts of the human soul.

I believe that by working in motion a man enters a higher level of development.

Interests and hobby:

male and female gymnastics, psychosomatics, physiotherapy, science.




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