What happened to the Physical Education?

Please tell me if it is common because I need to know first if this is my lens being distorted or am I biased and have a higher exposure to this phenomenon or is it more common?

The young men coming the gym (apartment building), doing 2 sets of sited biceps curls and leaving. No warm up, no visible enthusiasm, lots of screening time while at the gym, the whole “session” takes 5-15min.

As always I speak from love and respect here. I am happy for everyone trying do to anything for their better self.

At the same time I would like to make these guys to know that there are so many better ways to help their process to get better results at the gym or spend their time at the gym better (if they allow some time extension beyond 15 min).

Sometimes I feel like a civilized modern version of the Sparta education or at least solid Physical Education would be helpful.

Yeah, what happened to the old good physical education like for example in the US in the 70′ let’s say.

What’s your observation?

It is not uncommon to see individuals at the gym who perform exercises without proper form or technique, or who may only perform a few sets of exercises before leaving. These individuals may not understand the importance of warming up before exercise or the benefits of a well-rounded workout routine. In some cases, this behavior may be due to a lack of knowledge or guidance on proper exercise techniques, while in others it may be a result of time constraints or other personal factors. Regardless of the reason, it is important to approach these individuals with respect and offer guidance or suggestions on how they can improve their workouts for better results. Encouraging a well-rounded approach to physical fitness can not only improve individual results, but also promote overall health and wellness.

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