My 2-min Keto Flax Seed recipe

Here is the highly requested recipe for my currently favorite bread. I pay attention to my digestion and commercial wheat bread with addictives often makes my guts upaset, as well as I notice weight gain when I eat regular bread regularly.

On the other hand, baking is not my favorite thing. I needed a compromise and I found it. Now you can enjoy the results of my work for yourself. I hope you like this bread. It does not taste like a wheat bun. It has a flax seed scent when getting ready in the microwave. It is soft and fluffy and blends well with anything you put on. It fits keto diet and anti-inflammatory diet, as well as balanced diet. I like it warm with a little bit of butter and soft cheese on it. I hope it is going to be a blast to you as well. Let’s dive in it.


5 table spoons of flax seed (I like it to grind it by myself prior to baking to keep it fresh a omega-3 fatty acids content high

spices and condiments, the dry mass: a tea spoon of salt and a pinch of pepper, a tea spoon of baking powder; my condiments of choice are coriander, cumin and chia seeds (one tea spoon of each).

the wet mass: 3-4 table spoons of buttermilk or cream or any milk, I was surprised that anything goes; 1 medium size egg. you want your dough to be wet and almost batter style. If it is too sticky, the bread may come out dry.


Preparation takes 2-3min, baking takes 2 minutes. Let’s start:

Blend your 5 spoons of flax seeds if you are going to

Put your grained flax seeds into the Pyrex glass container or any tray you can microwave. You need enough area to create an about 5mm thick layer of falx seed. For me 4 x 7 inches tray works the best.

Get your dry and wet ingredients ready

Blend it all together with a fork. It should look like this on the tray – well mixed;

Add your two spoons of milk product and put the egg on it to the tray. Mix the milk and the egg together first in the tray and then start blending it more and more with a dry mass

Here we have just the milk in the tray:

Here I start blending milk with the egg on the right side. On the left side of the picture below you can see the blended mass:

Once the mass is ready put it to the microwave for 2 minutes. Let it sit for another few minutes in the microwave or on the counter top. Tip – I need to wipe the microwave with a paper towel because of the water condensation. Just wipe it out. Below you can see a ready to eat, still warm, fluffy, full of aroma your 2-min flax seed bread. Enjoy!

Coach Lucy, PhD

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Disclaimer: prior to making any changes to your diet discuss it with your dietitian or physician.

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