Let’s talk about running.

Running is a highly technical physical activity, demanding a prior training, which includes technique improvement, core and legs strength development, as well as mobility and corrective exercises.
Physical training for running is especially needed for people who spend more than 3 hours daily in a sitting position or are involved in a repetitive movement (cashier, gardener, traffic officer, hair stylist, make up artist, etc).
Coach Lucy

Do not take my words for granted.

Here are other fitness experts who stand for a high movement performance before diving into any sport discipline.

Running technique is the element that can make or break any athlete or runner. […] Direct hits and collisions do not produce as many injuries as poor running technique does. In fact it is the #1 cause.
[…] Proper technique is the cornerstone of every sports discipline or any other activity that involves human movement: dancing, ballet, martial arts, tennis, etc. Running is no different. Learning the correct running Pose is just as important as having a stable position for an overhead squat, or proper asana in yoga. So in order to run faster, run longer, avoid injuries & reduce impact on your body – you need to improve your technique.
Source: https://posemethod.com/running/

Running in Highly Cushioned Shoes Does Not Decrease Injuries. […]
Further, if we have been wearing cushioned shoes our entire life and we now want to change to wearing minimalist shoes and/or walking/running barefoot, we should not make a sudden change. Any change, even a good change, is still a change and therefore a physical stress for our body. For this reason, all changes are best done slowly so that our body has the time to transition safely and adapt.
Source: https://learnmuscles.com/blog/2019/01/01/running-in-highly-cushioned-shoes-does-not-decrease-injuries/

What Is Human Performance?
Human Performance is performing at our highest biological potential.
Brian MacKenzie

Coach Lucy, PhD

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Disclaimer: prior to making any changes to your diet discuss it with your dietitian or physician.

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