Wanna have lots of energy?! Sleep well.

High quality sleep balances the functioning of your metabolism, decreases inflammation in the body, improves stress response and glucose tolerance (less cravings!)

Remember that one hour of sleep less or more will make a huge difference to your next 16 hours performance and cuteness 🙂 

Your mental health, beauty, hormonal balance, regeneration and mood are dependent on high quality sleep. Without it, even the best diet and training plan won’t deliver the results. 

Before you think about more fancy biohacking ideas, let’s cover the basics of the healthy sleep. Without this foundation no advanced methods will be working. As always my slogan works here: “The better the basics, the better the progress”.

Sleep check:


blue light 1 – 2 h  before going to sleep

heavy meals and alcohol 2 – 3 h  before going to sleep

avoid exciting news, movies, phone calls, arguments or even reads, before you hit the pillow

In the bedroom:

ventilate before going to bed

turn down the temperature 18 – 20 degrees Celsius

let the darkness rule in your room

Bedtime activities:

go for a short walk

take a warm  bath for relaxation or take a cold shower – individual reaction

find the best breathing technique for you, just as few minutes is enough

consider taking a magnesium supplement 1 to 2 hours before going to sleep

Have a relaxing downtime – aromatherapy, non-exciting reads, favorite music, board games or hugs with your close ones; anything what boosts your serotonin level

Coach Lucy PhD

Disclaimer: prior to introducing any changes to your diet or lifestyle consult it with a physician.

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