What supports the immune system?

What supports the immune system?

And why it is the so called “Art of it depends” topic = personalization

The Article Series.

Hi guys, I have been carrying in my mind the idea of presenting a series of articles dedicated to nutrition, supplementation and biohacking for the healthy immune system. Since the awareness of the importance of this matter is rising I believe it is a good time to share some knowledge and plant the seed of good lifestyle habits. Let’s start with an introduction and list of topics that will be covered in the upcoming weeks.

Would you like to be a high performance version of yourself for the biggest chunk of your life possible? Then work for it! Commit to this goal and create new everyday habits that lead you to your goal. Yes you will be surprised by this rocky road many times but I do not know anyone who would regret changing his or her lifestyle to a better one.

Your body and mind is your most precious machine. There is no #Tesla in this world that is more advanced and functional than your body so better appreciate it, respect it and take care of it. Yes it takes some effort. Yes it takes some time. 

Yes it takes some education in the field of movement, nutrition, biohacking,and lifestyle but it is about your body, the only and ultimate place you can live in this world. Sure, the multiple failures are included in the package but the failures are the milestones of your successes. It is up to you if you believe all the efforts are worth it or not to enhance your performance in professional and private life. 

I believe that the highest lifestyle value we can get from life is to be able to experience it and feel to the maximum with all the senses. To do so, you have to maintain all your senses in a perfect functioning. Healthy body and mind is the only way to accomplish it. 

No shortcuts here but we have the knowledge and there are smart tricks that may be extremely useful and prize your hard work with more or slightly faster results. We cannot change physiology but we can moderate it if we possess the knowledge and tools how to do it, develop the discipline to reach the goal and find a personal meaning and joy in the process.

List of immune system friendly factors (suggestion):

  1. Regenerating sleep..
  2. Hydration..
  3. Herbs and spices ..
  4. Whole foods natural diet..
  5. Veggies. Depends on food intolerances, FODMAPs, SIBO and digestion strength..
  6. Fruits. Depends on the fitness goals and lifestyle dependent conditions like insulin resistance ..
  7. Nuts and seeds. Depends on body composition goals, digestion strength and overall level of inflammation..
  8. Grains. Depends on gluten and/or lectin intolerance..
  9. Vitamin D3. Best overall health, immune system, bones strength and sex hormones production booster. Do not overdose UV though!..
  10.  Vitamin C. Not proven to improve immunity but..
  11. Omega-3. Not contaminated with mercury. Avoid when DAO insufficient…
  12. Probiotics. Choose your type carefully..
  13. Turmeric. Golden powder that may be taken in many different forms..
  14. Bee pollen. Superfood..
  15. Garlic. The dosage and form of intake is crucial here…
  16. Fermented food – sauerkraut, kimchi…
  17. Let’s move! We were created to live in motion. ..

The factors will be discussed one by one in the next articles. Stay tuned!

Coach Lucy PhD

Disclaimer: Prior to introducing any changes to your diet or lifestyle consult with a specialist. 

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