Race of your life

Efficient immunity is something that you want to be taking care of in a long perspective.

It definitely has a lot to do with the rule of a delayed gratification. Your life quality is at stake. 

Do not take your immune system for granted although it is an autonomic and powerful system. You may want to work smart to boost up your immunity today to keep harvesting the crops of health for long years.  

Moreover, the strategy for boosting up your immune system you undertake today, may need revalidation tomorrow. As you evolve as a person in life, so does your immune system. 

Everyday environmental stimulation requires from the immune system a constant adaptation. Also, not always when you catch a cold means that your immune system is groaning. Perhaps it is actualizing the virus database and shows a healthy response. 

What is the link between your immune system and a diet? The diet is a make it or break it factor. Imagine that the food you eat is a Formula 1 racing car. All the other cars in the race are representing hostile viruses, bacterias, parasites and toxins (and they are well  maintained and motivated (as f***) to survive. The finishing line is your health and well-being. 

Who do you think will win? I guess, it is going to be the bolide, tanked with the best fuel… and with the smartest, best skilled racer. 

The moral of the story is – be like Lewis Hamilton of your health. Refuel (food, movement, lifestyle) your race car (your body) with the best fuel ever – whole fresh food and clean water.

Never silence your body crying for support (avoiding auto destructive habits may be often enough). Be a smart racer, listen to your body (do not harm, nourish) and cooperate with it to let your immune system function optimally. What are you waiting for then? It is a wake up call. No matter wherever you are, it is a perfect time to take ownership of your daily actions and win the most important race of your life. 

Important to mention, it may be more a marathon than a sprint, and it is more about the route, than the finishing-line only.  

Bon voyage!

Coach Lucy PhD

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