Online personal coaching program “Move, Eat and Shine” and free online workouts for my students.

Hi Everyone!

We are all asking ourselves this big question now: how to stay fit at home?!

Luckily, well programmed in-home workouts can bring similar results to those that are done at the gym.  

Since the fitness steam has to keep puffing I’ve decided to jump into action & offer an online coaching program that delivers the benefits of fitness straight to your living room.

Fitness Ladies and Gentleman, let me present you an online personal coaching program 

“Move, Eat and Shine” by Coach Lucy.

From the comfort of your own space, dive into a workout, discover how to nourish your body, and learn a healthy lifestyle. 

It took some time to research, test and develop this program for you. All that to deliver a convenient, fun and results-driven online fitness program. Now when it is ready I would love to share this experience with you! I believe you enjoy it as much as I do. 

It is three element program, including:

  • Workouts
    • Focus on the technique, core and global strength, mobility and conditioning. Some of the methods included are: gymnastics, pilates, physiotherapy, stretching, calisthenics, functional and animal moves. What is important from the technical point of view, the workout will be streamed from two cameras, providing a wide and close view! Practically it means you will be able to follow the workout’s flow and exercise details smoothly.
  • Nutrition Education
    • Holistic approach to nutrition, where the quality and timing of the meals, as well as your daily schedule and stress level are taken into consideration.
  • Lifestyle Coaching 
    • Biohacking, including sleep and stress management; Motivation sharpening

Each session is 30 or 60  min long and it is up to us what we want to focus on. We can easily split the session between the elements of the program.

Great news to all of my students! 

For all my new students I offer two 30min long FREE online workouts to give you a chance to experience it on your own skin! If it is a right match for your fitness needs, you can enroll in the regular program as the next step. More information on my website

If you are interested in receiving your 2x30min free 1-on-1 sessions shoot me an email and I will guide from there. Here is what you need to enroll in the online program:

  1. Zoom conferencing platform. Please sign up and download Zoom on your computer. The streaming is secure and encrypted and the platform provides a great quality for the purpose of our meetups. Link:
  2. Have your fitness outfit and A-game mood ready!
  3. No equipment needed but check out what you have at home. We can build a neat home gym with: 
    1. 1x2m of the floor, 
    2. a wall, 
    3. a yoga mat or a blanket
    4. two chairs, 
    5. one stick, 
    6. one dining table, 
    7. one couch, 
    8. bed sheets, 
    9. elastic bands. 
    10. other fitness equipment

For sure you have at least one of the abovementioned fitness gems available at home and that’s enough to start your adventure with online workouts! 

Important note: please be sure that your in-home gym setup is safe for the purpose of the workouts. I can only provide you with the ideas about the home setup. Please be sure that your own in-home setup is safe for you and everyone in your surrounding. If possible use fitness equipment with a certificate of quality. If not sure if your equipment or setup is safe or if there is any risk of the injury, refrain from using your own home setup!

  1. Before our first workout take some time to play with your home space and camera setup so you can see yourself, from head to toes on the screen. With this setup I will be able to see your position and movement, and correct you during the workout. Believe me, in the beginning setting the camera may feel like a very new experience, but incredibly quickly turns into a natural skill.  

Let’s stay strong together!

Coach Lucy PhD

March 26th, 2020

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