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Obviously less is better than nothing. Nevertheless spoiling fitness industry clients’ with what they want to hear is not beneficial to them and probably even not sincere and moral. As in many industries the trend of filling clients’ wishes, no matter if they are reasonable or not, is encouraged. At the end of the day this approach may increase the sales in the short-term, as well as decrease the trust and reliability of the industry in the long-term.
Generally and in terms of physical activity adult humans are often lazy and would love to possess a magic and non-existent pill providing health shape and performance.
Alive organisms with built-in movement system are created to be in motion. As long as we don’t accept the fact that there is no way to be healthy and live sedentary lifestyle for 90% of the day, each day, there is no hope for the species. It looks like people, we, are trying to lie to ourselves that there is a one exercise or 5min workout that will contradict all the physiological effects of prolonged periods of physical passiveness. Seriously? It is like not being able to take responsibility for one’s own actions. It is like doing liposuction while eating a cake at the same time. Who are we trying to lie to? People! Officially, there is no 5-min miracle. Long-term lifestyle changes through reconstructing your life and developing new habits is a working and proven resolution. If you do not know what to start with there is usually plenty of qualified and dedicated professionals in your neighbourhood to guide you: personal trainers, nutrition specialist, lifestyle coaches, you name it.
On the other side if you preach “I have no time” philosophy you are trapped not in your life circumstances but in your head. As Gerrain Jones is saying “Change your mindset change your life”. If you want to stay in the fluffy world of non-realistic theories and wishes that’s your choice. However the faster you shake out the excuses and self-lies the sooner you show yourself self-respect and self-love, and you will see the results.
As always, it is all in your hands only what you will do with your life. Will you be in charge of it or will you be a floater? Your actions and your thoughts drive your personal reality. Make the glass full half, your life more healthy and your world more happy. Good luck! 🙂

Coach Lucy PhD

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