Metrical vs. biological age

We age since the very first moment we are born but does metrical age matter anymore?
Is it an indicator of anything?
Metrical age is that number people ask you about. Biological age states of the physiological and mental condition of your body. Nutrition, physical activity, lifestyle and stress management are the key compounds that can influence your biological age.
For sure you could find among people you know metrically forty years old guys who physically and energetically seem to be closer to twenty years old as well as you could give easily the examples of the opposite set ups.
Nowadays everyone have a great access to the knowledge, fitness facilities and equipment, healthy food and medical care. It depends on us only if we use this wealth and reach for it. Instead of spending another ten minutes on social media read some valuable articles. Learn more about how to make your life better. Instead of spending more money on parties, alcohol, smoke or food that does not serve you hire a dietitian, personal trainer or lifestyle coach.
Discipline yourself and treat yourself as you matter. Manage your daily habits and sleep. Check it out what’s going on around you. The trend of being as young and fit as you work on instead of being as old as your metrical number determines you to be is spreading around. Make yourself a favor and be a part of it. Take and advantage of the possibilities that modern knowledge and technology provide you with to live to the fullest. It is not easy but it is simple, and worth it. Good luck!

Coach Lucy, PhD

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