Do not like your coach

I have found an article today which made me thinking loud and vocalise about things I do not accept in the fitness industry. At least in this part of the fitness industry which brainwashes the clients to constantly swindle the money from these unaware clients.
Have a look at the summary from that article, I hope it will let you think too.
” Get re-connected (and not via technology).
Many of us find ourselves increasingly disconnected from nature and our ancestral needs. Boxed into cubicles and cars, viewing the world through a flickering flatscreen on the wall, exercising on eliptical machines in corporate big chain gyms, we feel dissatisfied and stressed, our senses dulled, we are prisoners of the human zoo. I hope 2016 is your time to break out and rediscover your true nature.”
Author: ghostyeti
 Photo: Michał Szlaga
My thoughts after reading this article:
We not only need professional trainers in the industry but we need educated clients on the other side, aware clients who know what do they pay for and what kind of results they should await from a hired trained.
Clients who make an effort to invest enough time to be able independently judge which trainer is professional and is a good investment and who is not.
If you are a client and want to get the best service you are the one who has an influence and power to change the market.
I believe that you educate yourself before buying a new car to make a best decision for you. Same rules holds true regarding your fitness investments.
Fitness industry needs clients who are not afraid to claim the results if they stick to the program, clients who make raw logical judgement while choosing a trainer, instead of making the decision based on sympathy. Let’s repeat it one more time: choices based on sympathy….
During last year I heard it to often “people decide to work with the trainer if they like him/her” ???!!! what’s that?!
If you think about it just a moment it is kind of scary.
Obviously there should be a positive atmosphere and attitude of cooperation and help between a trainer and a client but personally I prefer when people are eager to train with me because they feel/see the results not because they like me.
I do not work in the sympathy industry. I am a professional in fitness industry and want to be judged based on my results and how efficient I am not how nice I am to you. I do not care if you like me I care about me being able to deliver the results and because of that making the quality of your life better. If you want to respect your trainer do not “like” him/her but prove that you know why are you doing this, why do you invest in a professional and be responsible for your choices and the goals. The best feedback you can give to your trainer are your results.
Also, to train with a trainer because you like him/her sounds suspicious because it might mean that you train with this person because he/she is nice and it might mean that you like this person because you do not have to cross your limits with him/her.
You train with this person to stay inside your comfort zone – where everything is nice and fluffy. If you want to change your body you have to change your mind and it takes a sacrifice and tones of hard work which starts with putting an effort to choose a trainer who is professional instead of nice only.
You are going to spend hours with this trainer, you are going to trust this trainer about your health and performance so it is your responsibility to educate yourself, choose wisely, demand the results and control your trainer’s work.
Sorry guys, nothing comes free in this world, even choosing a right trainer seems like a hard work but it is not me who creates the rules. World is full of great professional coaches and nice pseudo-coaches who will feed you with nice words and soft actions to make you feel comfortable with them and stay on their mercy without the results as long as possible.
Full article:
Coach Lucy

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