Relationships power – short reminder

Hi! How are you today? I just want to share few thoughts with you right after having a casual Skype talk with my friend who lives on a different continent. 

Life is not about training and nutrition only. We do not live to train.
Competitive athletes live to train.
All the other people (us) train to enjoy life (physically and mentally), be efficient and successful at work and spent time with our closest ones (partner, kids, grandchildren, friends).


Social relations create a huge part of our well-being since we our gregarious animals.
It is proven by psychosomatic (neuro-hormonal etc) sciences.
Also, few minutes of honest, kind and positive talk with my students at the end of our session together can contribute to my students’ results more than one more set of the exercises.
Short (not small) talk about the goals, reasons why you sweat, mental game process give plus ten points to motivation through focusing on the bigger picture of the commitment. Kind sincere conversation with a close person increases the quality of your life and fills you with positive energy (or with scientific words – takes care of your neurotransmitters – hormonal – balance – what contributes to the psychosomatic health).
This is why never undervalue time spent with your friends and family.
I am lucky to call few people “my friends” and I celebrate every moment I can connect with them. No matter where they are in the world.
Sometimes it is good to stop in our busy life and consider your social life quality. Even if you are not emotional person and you think this matter does not touch you, believe me it touches you on the subliminal level of your consciousness. If you are an athlete it may even contribute to your sport performance.
How is it about you? Do you give your closest one enough attention and kindness?
Are you aware what a blessing they are for you?
How lucky you are to call somebody your family or friend?
It is Sunday. Perfect day to celebrate the relationships with other people.
Think about it. Perhaps it is a good idea how to spend today.

OK, and now it is time for some action 😀


Cheers people ! 🙂

Coach Lucy

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