Q&A. Beach body workout.

woman wearing pink and black sports bra holding towel
Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com

Hi Guys, today less about science or performance, more about the look.

You are asking me often about beach body workout. Here is the quick example.

Different versions of the deadlift and plie squats do the job for your butt. Remember about back exercises as well for nice elegant posture. If you need more details come and join us at Kalev Fitness Solution. We have a remedy for everything .

Summer is close. Hurry up. Just start and commit to your goal to enjoy the results. And always have fun whatever you are doing!


Beach body workout – simple example


3-5 sets of

stiff leg deadlift 12 per side

one leg deadlift 12 per side

plie squats 12

back lateral pull 12 per side

reverse flies 15

high intensity cardio training at the end of your session. 8-12 minutes is enough.



Coach Lucy, PhD


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