Kettlebells in women fitness – the research


I would like to share with you today my new recently published article which is based on my doctoral research. Hope you will find useful information for your own training.

In my opinion the most important issue which this research has showed is the need of dynamic, explosive movements, as well as the need of upper body exercises, in women fitness training.

Powerful movements help to develop muscle strength and speed and increase stamina and overall performance. They make us more efficient with all functional and athletic tasks as well.

Upper body training helps to maintain healthy good looking silhouette. Girls that is not true that you get bulky with upper body exercises. The truth is that they will shape your body and ensure straight elegant strong posture. Believe me it is so hard to start working on proper posture and open this poor tight chest and shoulder girdle when women did not train their upper body for years because they were afraid of bulking stereotype.

Let’s fight this myth together and grab kettlebells to do some overhead press, pulls, renegade row, turkish get-up, push-ups and many other!

Please find a full article in the link below:

Full article here. Just click.


Coach Lucy, PhD

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