Alpine Skiing (injuries prevention)

White powder on the slopes and you – can you already feel the excitement? Good, but first – protect the house.

received_10154193084767116photo credit – Arek šŸ™‚

Skiing brings lots of fun but remember that it is physically demanding activity.
If you are not in shape (cardiovascular efficiency, stability, strength, flexibility) prepare yourself to the season at least 6 weeks before it to avoid any unpleasant injury (especially ACL, MCL knees injuries).

Preseason training example (most important components):
self myofascial release (SMR) stretching
static stretching (no longer than 30 sec for chosen body part)
stability, strength endurance and isometric lower body exercises (huge field of training strategies)
stamina (for glycolytic and oxidative efforts mainly)
Do not forget about general warm-up
Consistency: 3-4 x week.

If you do not have any idea what are you reading about – for god sake – understand that skiing is a skill, strength and conditioning demanding activity, there is a whole art of training behind it and it is dangerous to approach it without any former health activity. Find the closest sport/fitness/health professional and educate yourself or go at least to yoga classes šŸ˜‰

You do not want to risk that you will have plenty of time to educate yourself about skiing physical preparedness during knee injury rehabilitation. Right? šŸ™‚

as always – make it smart. take care.

Coach Lucy, PhD


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