Fat-burning zone myth

they try to close you in…
“The fat-burning zone is a myth because working out at a higher intensity still results in a greater total contribution from fat despite also generating a greater percentage contribution of fuel from carbohydrates.”
NASM* Personal Trainer Certification Manual
Finally found it somewhere.
Ladies and gentleman – straight to your face –
simple confirmation of fat-burning zone myth on paper!
Do you feel like brainwashed by fitness industry?
The more scientifically and empirically proven is the training method the higher is the chance that this method actually works. Broad contextual point of view is also valuable.
The more fancy, artificial, limited and unusual for human body behavior is “the training method” the further try to stay away and.. don’t give a f**k.
Nobody has to be an expert to feel in the bones that our bodies are far more intelligent in burning fat that just staying in “fat-burning zone”.
Be humble but critical in gaining knowledge. Think, judge, discuss. Keep your mind open. See different perspectives. Do not let any sales department make a fool of you.
It is hard nowadays but it is worth to try (again and again). Good luck and as always .. have fun 🙂
Coach Lucy, PhD
*National Academy of Sport Medicine

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