Why you can not bake a bread?

Who told you this?!


You probably think “it is difficult task”… “Mastering how to make a dough is an art”… 

Not true.

Bread DIY.

If I can do it anyone can do it and I love simple, not time-consuming home cooking.

Baking goes from the first time.Just follow good recipes (always read the opinion and review below the recipe) and go for it.

Let yourself be surprised how easy it is to make a healthy bread you fully know what it consists of. … and the smell in your house.. you will not buy it with any credit card.

You are not at the mercy of the bakeries (especially those fancy and slightly more expensive gluten-free).

It will take 10-20 minutes about to prepare the dough and the stove will make the rest. Try it. Have fun. Know more about life. 

Be a craftsman. Learn how to be independent if all you bakeries just disappear one day (or bread you buy becomes even worse in taste). Just in case.

Really, enjoy! 🙂

Here is the recipe for bread on the picture


I found this one here:


There is a lot of good recipes on that website. I recommend this one too (no yeast, even faster to make):


Coach Lucy, PhD

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