Real food and less chemistry at HOME

How to manage it?

Taking an advantage of my move to Vancouver let me bring you closer to the title issue. No matter if you are moving to a new place or want to create new habits in your old place here are few simplest ever steps to start with. It means if I can do it you can do it.


  1. Rooting – finding a place to live, finding the best option for an everyday transportation (public, bike, scooter…), banking, internet, grocery, general city and outdoor exploring, finding your new gym or another playground and meeting old friends/new people and all the unexpected situations you did not expect.
  1. Find a butcher shop and grocery shop with good quality veggies, fruits and base (coconut oil, gluten-free flour, good cheese and pickled cucumbers etc). Buy a blender (green fresh smoothies). Buy basic supplements if you use it (this time it was Vit.C, Vit. B Complex and ZMA to me – basic products to boost nutrition protocol and calm down my body after a jet lag). If you can not find any stuff in your neighbourhood … find proper online store and order it. Learn how to cook basic stuff – no excuses. If you know what is your food made from you are already a winner.


  1. Collect substrates for DIY household chemicals (borax, soda ash, citric acid, vinegar, essentail oils …). Find proper recipes online to create laundry and dishwasher detergent, all purpose cleaner, magnesium reach bath salt, fluor-free toothpaste. You will find a lot of useful recipes online. Just have to start looking for it and creating your own base.
  1. Mix and match all necessary elements to create what you were going to get. Try to NOT to blow up your new home in the air. Joking – all these DIY are usually dry mixtures so it is quite safe but it is always your own responsibility to think what you combine together.

My favorite simple recipes:

  • laundry detergent: 1 part of borax, 1 part of soda ash (washing soda), 1/2 part of eco soap (grated). Mix all ingredients together. Add 1-2 tbs to your laundry.
  • washing machine dishes cleaning powder: 1 part of borax, 1 part of soda ash, 1/2 part of citric acid, 1/2 part of salt. Mix all ingredients together. Add 1 tbs to your washing.
  • all purpose cleaner (kitchen surfaces, tables, doors, floor): 1 part of vinegar, 1 part of water. Mix all ingredients together in the atomizer, spray on the surface, clean with a cloth or mop.
  • toothpaste: 1 part of coconut oil, 1 part of baking soda, few drops of mint essential oil (natural, high quality!). Warm up coconut oil to get a liquid consistency. Mix all ingredients together.

Good luck and have fun 🙂

DIY fluor-free toothpaste


  1. Enjoy clean chemistry you put inside your body, breath in, apply on your skin/teeth etc. It is worth it and you will feel the difference fast – with your health and in your pocket.


Coach Lucy, PhD

Happy/healthy/prime performance New Year 2017!!!

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