Let’s talk about training basis


Short introduction for newbies and athletes oriented on fast progress

Just give up with all those protesting thoughts and lizard instincts inside your head and accept it.


Here are the rules


The better the basis the faster the progress.


The focus is 1st.

  • Be inside the action while exercising.
  • Connect to your body.
  • Understand what and why you are doing.
  • Know what is the goal and what is the execution.

Your nervous system is the headquarter. Without its’ engagement your (physical training) actions do not matter.

Your muscles are connected to your nervous system, your will. If you are engaged into the movement so-so the results will be the same. You will just copy the movement you were supposed to make.

The shadow of the movement.

As if you were playing the Xbox360 game trying to copy the movement on the TV screen. You only do as much effort to copy the movement (let’s say dancing game) to gain the points. It is the imitatation of the movement not execution with genuine inner body feeling. You know what I am saying?

It is not wrong to play those kind of games but if you focus on everything else during training session (TV, other people, dinner thougts) but your own body your training will bring you miserable results.


2nd thing is body tension and it comes from the focus.

If you are present inside your body, know and respect THE RULES, learn how to create the tension.

  • The tension is first before the movement.
  • First learn how to protect yourself.
  • Establish the proper body position with your ankles, knees, hips, glutes, abs, midline stabilization, scapula, sternum, and neck position.
  • Set up efficient breathing pattern.

Only then you are ready to move. We went so far from our natural movement instinct and body work.

Good information is it is easy to master the basis with baby steps strategy.

Patience is your friend. Once you get the basis the progess will speed up.

Then fun, understanding, satisfaction, good proud, and great body-mind feeling comes.

It will take you maybe few weeks of consistent work and boom you are in the game.

There is no situation in professional training like trying to lift heavy barbell, do intense CrossFit workout, be aggressive soccer player etc. if you were working at the desk for the last 10-20 years. Imagine that your butt fused with the chair. Joints and muscle are stiff, blood circulation and lungs volume is weak, energy storage in muscle cells is poor.

And you want to be suddenly a dynamite. Come on.

Start with mobility. Prepare your tissues for the effort. Make mobility sessions your personal fight between you and you. Show the mind strength.


Think. Do you want to be safe, efficient and powerful? Taking pleasure from your activity?

Or maybe you prefer to pretend the omniscient at the gym and leave as soon as you came in with the injury and hate the movement for the rest of your life?

Think. We are supposed to be intelligent animals. Make the process smart. It’s your decision.

Good luck.
Coach Lucy, PhD


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