Every 3-hour meals are not healthy

Who the he’ll figured out every 3-hours meal? 5-6 meals a day? Come on!

We were not supposed live to eat. About 2 meals a day is enough (I know it is hard to believe when we snack all day) and I rely here on medical knowledge. It is good for bodybuilders to eat consistently to keep anabolic processes active and build huge, enormous muscles .

Regular people should avoid frequent insulin peaks (= each time you put something into your mouth what is not water) which bring them serious health problems in the future, including obesity and diabetes. Who wants it? It’s crazy. People are not aware of the consequences. Why? Why they are not provided with this basic knowledge? Let’s say at school, instead of some arithmetic classes. It is about the body we live in. Our health, happiness, productivity, even work efficiency depends on this body condition!

This graphics fits the issue:

Microsoft PowerPoint - Everything you think you know about nutri

Graphics author and owner: http://healthyprotocols.com/2_insulin.htm

What a crazy world we live in… but when you get the knowledge and the awareness you are responsible for your nutritional choices and you can do something about it! 🙂

Coach Lucy, PhD


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