My story

Let me introduce myself to you.

Making long story short my childhood was like from the novels of Mark Twain, full of play and outdoor activities. I also have started skiing at age 6 and martial arts at age 11, winning later twice national championship in Brazilian JuJitsu.

Martial Arts, 15 years of adventure

In 2009 I have started my 1st personal training & fitness company, where the emphasis was placed on on health training, body shaping, prerehabilitation, physiotherapy and nutritional education. Bodyweight, barbell and kettlebell exercises were our main work tools.

2011 – I have become first polish CrossFit Lv 1 Trainer together with friend of mine named “Animek”. It took me half a year to test CrossFit training system if it is good to my adepts but finally it got the green light. Till now in  my opinion CrossFit is one of the best health training systems  if applicated safely and wisely with respect to sport methodics, progression rules and patience.

From 2012 I have been leading Reebok Dropbox Tour events (then Reebok Live with fire event), which were huge fitness events for everybody and promoted CrossFit and fitness in Europe.

In 2012 as well I have been filling the role of CrossFit judge during official CrossFit competition in Europe – Reebok CrossFit Fitness Championship – Cracow edition.

With Dropbox containers big hunger for new training system called CrossFit was coming to Europe and our former and new adepts were pushing me and my team to open training place for them. Finally we reached the goal opening CFKrakow ( Spring 2013.

It is not everything. Meanwhile in 2012 -2015 I have spent hours, days and weeks of promoting cross-training, olympic lifting gymnastics kettlebels etc  in Poland (Cracow, Peninsula Hel – summer destination, 3city).

More photos:

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It meant plenty of work and fun with people, and dream job on Peninsula Hel. It was great time, beautiful places, crazy guys, and unforgettable memories. You have to visit Hel (not Hell) at least once during your life time, it is pure magic (listed on Unesco list).

Still, CrossFit fever in Europe was growing and finally me and my teams in different cities have managed to open 3 proud CF boxes in Poland.

Check the websites of the places I have co-founded between 2013-2015:,,

It was a crazy adventure. Check all the photos on these websites and Facebook profiles 😀

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In 2016 I have defended my dissertation for PhD in Physical Education at the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow, Poland.

PhD diploma

After this quite busy period of my life I have decided to explore more of the world to get the opportunity to coach more people and get to know different training styles and academies.

In 2016 I was coaching in hilarious Klub Athletik in even more hilarious Montreal, Canada. If you would ask me about my experience I would say that no matter where in the world the pleasure which comes from working with dedicated adepts, no matter what advancement level, is the same. Probably because if your work is your passion you enjoy every single spark of joy and your adepts’ progress. You become the witness of your students’ success – when they are becoming stronger, healthier, happier people with self-confidence and clear goals in mind.

Now, from 2017,  I live in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. Adventure is everywhere. You never know what comes next. I enjoy all local outdoor sports possibilities and I am back to martial arts and skiing after long break… Let’s write new chapter soon 🙂

I work as a private trainer. If you wish cooperate please contact me:

Remember – if it does not make you happy it does not progress you. Enjoy your lifestyle, find time to realize your passions. Life is short, live it to the fullest.

Coach Lucy, PhD


Please find more professional details on LinkedIn:


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